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The Corner Country land area is significant, almost the size of Tasmania, so there are huge variations in land type.

Leaving Broken Hill on the Silver City Highway the most significant feature is the Barrier Range which extends northwards for around 150 kilometres.

Out of these rugged hills are many ephemeral creeks, often lined with huge red gums.  Not necessarily amazingly, these creeks can turn to raging torrents after rain and may cause the highway to be closed for a short time.

These creeks flow into the Murray Darling Basin, and may empty into ephemeral lakes or flood across open plains.

To the west, creeks also flood out of the hills this time part of the Lake Eyre basin with creek systems that flood across the Mundi Mundi Plain.

Further north mulga lands make way for the sand dunes to the west and the Grey Range which extends across the border into Queensland. 

Ancient sandstone mesas and jump ups can be found in several locations near Tibooburra, while ephemeral lakes fill after heavy rain attracting bird life.

From north to south, east to the border, the Corner Country offers such a range of ever changing landscapes that are visually beautiful and engaging.