Cameron Corner

Cameron Corner (without the apostrophe S) is the iconic “must-visit” destination of Corner Country. It is created by the junction of three states, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland and named after John Brewer Cameron who undertook the initial survey of the New South Wales and Queensland border, completing the task in 1880.

The original survey marker was of wood and is now on display in the Tibooburra National Parks and Wildlife museum. It was replaced by the current marker in 1969 and is accessible from New South Wales after passing through the gate in the wild dog fence.

“Cameron Corner Survey Marker is at the southernmost of Queensland’s three south-western corners and is the westernmost point of the Queensland-New South Wales border. It is located approximately 335 kilometres (208 mi) south of Haddon Corner, 450 kilometres (280 mi) south-east of Poeppel Corner and 1,400 kilometres (870 mi) from the east coast in an arid environment comprising ochre coloured dirt and sand with some native vegetation”.

The “wild dog” fence runs along the South Australian-New South Wales border as well as the Queensland border. After passing through the fence from either direction the gate must be closed behind you. A track leads from the road across to the store (which is actually located in Queensland) while a path takes you across to the corner monument.

What’s special about Cameron Corner?  Well, for one thing, during daylight saving one can cheer in the New Year three times and still be on time!  Or you can play a game of nine holes of golf, in three separate states.  Or you can just say that you have “been to the ‘Corner”.

Cameron Corner is readily accessed as a day trip from Tibooburra or Milparinka or visitors can stay at the store in motel style accommodation or campsites.