Burke & Wills

Corner Country Connections

The 1860s Burke and Wills expedition is often recalled as one of the most dramatic and tragic of Australia’s European explorations, with months of the drama played out in far western New South Wales. Journals tell the story of camps along the Darling River and across the plains to the rugged hills of the Bynguano Ranges (Mutawintji). More camps were located to the northwest in areas now known as Nundora, Wonnaminta, Nuntherungie, Pulgamurtie and Torowoto before crossing the Queensland border and turning toward Cooper Creek.

The route taken was well east of that of Sturt’s expedition through the Corner Country, but the last scenes played out in the vicinity of Cooper Creek, visited by Sturt in 1845.

The Sturt’s Steps touring route recognizes the significance of the Burke and Wills expedition to Corner Country heritage with interpretation at the shelter at Packsaddle.

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