Kids Experiences

Top things for kids to see and do in the Corner Country

How about planning a trip to the Corner Country during the school holidays? There’s an ever changing landscape and plenty of hills for energetic youngsters to climb, creeks to walk, sand-dunes to conquer. You and the kids will discover new places, explore new horizons and learn so much about this great land.

You will be sharing the landscape with some pretty special critters, so watch out for all the different kinds of kangaroos, birds, large and small, and other native animals.

Surrounded by history this is a great place to get the feel for what early explorers (Sturt, Burke and Wills) and pioneer families experienced.

There are sheep and cattle stations and Sturt National Park where you can camp-out under the stars (trillions of them) or bunk down in the shearer’s quarters  for an authentic Aussie experience.

  • Download the App
  • Take selfies at each of the interpretation  shelter silhouettes along Sturt’s Steps route
  • Stand on top the Barrier Ranges at Mount Gipps
  • Pat the pets at Mount Gipps
  • Climb a sand dune on Pine View or Pimpara Lake
  • Skip across a salt lake at Pimpara Lake
  • Bunk down in shearers’ quarters and be like a shearer
  • Pretend to be a miner at Milparinka and learn how gold was extracted
  • Download the Mining Activity sheets or pick up copies in Milparinka
  • Count the sheep in the Sturt diorama in Milparinka
  • Check out the fancy rocks under ultraviolet light in the “gem” centre Milparinka
  • Lie down on the emu platform at Milparinka and look up at the Milky Way dark spots
  • With parental guidance, turn the planisphere at Milparinka and dial up the saucepan in the night sky
  • Feel the aboriginal artefacts at Milparinka….but put them back when you are done.
  • Go fly a kite in Milparinka
  • Get locked in a cell at Milparinka
  • Make a call on a one hundred year old telephone in Milparinka or tap out a morse code message ( 2023)
  • Climb to the cairn on top of Mount Poole
  • Hang out in the War Memorial Playground
  • Check out the wire camel in Tibooburra
  • Follow the emus in Tibooburra
  • Discover the giant bilby, bandicoot and quoll at Fort Grey
  • Have fun at the Packsaddle Gymkhana and bikekhana at Easter, Milparinka gymkhana in July and and Tibooburra in October.