Outback Safer Driving Series Episode 10

Season 1 Episode 10 – Creeks & Washouts

Season 1 Episode 10 – Creeks & Washouts

Welcome to episode 10 of the Outback Safer Driving series.

Another feature of gravel roads in outback driving are these washouts that happen with monotonous regularity. Especially in corner country of New South Wales, there seems to be drains everywhere.

The country is geared up for a lot of water. When you’re driving these roads, you need to be obviously quite relaxed. But I would say it’s a cautious, relaxed.

You’re always on the lookout for anything that might just pop up like these wash outs and make sure you are traveling at a speed that will allow you to deal with them, to brake easily and gently without having to skid to a halt if you do come across one.  Because if you compress the suspension as you’re going into the washout, it may end up damaging your car.

So, to recap, a relaxed caution, a cautious, relaxed drive is the way to approach the gravel road, staying in the middle if you want, that’s no problem as long as there’s good visibility,

but always be on the lookout for these wash-outs, because some of them may not be immediately obvious until the very last second. So you need to be traveling at a speed that you can deal with that nice and easy.

And remember to check the road conditions before you leave.

Stay safe. See you on the road.


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