Outback Safer Driving Series Episode 14

Season 1 Episode 14 – Speed

Season 1 Episode 14 – Speed

Welcome to episode 14 of the Outback Safer Driving series.

When traveling on outback roads, especially when you’re towing, the posted speed limit, may not always be appropriate. The conditions on these roads change from kilometre to kilometre, and you need to be driving at a speed that will allow you to deal with any surprises that might turn up. If you keep all of that in mind, when you’re out here on these roads traveling at the best speed that is most appropriate to you and whatever you happen to be towing, then that will keep you nice and safe. And I’m looking forward to seeing you out here.

Remember to check the road conditions before you leave mobile phone coverage, and always let someone know your travel plans and check back in with them when you get into town.

Stay safe. See you on the road.


The advice in these videos is for general information and entertainment purposes only. Road users are responsible for knowing and following the road rules. Consult a professional before travelling.

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