Outback Safer Driving Series Episode 5

Season 1 Episode 5 – Driver Swap

Season 1 Episode 5 – Driver Swap

Welcome to episode 5 of the Outback Safer Driving series.

After you have been driving for a couple of hours, it’s a perfect opportunity to pull over on the roadside for a driver swap. This keeps both drives fresh while we’re driving for these long distances in the outback.

The other thing that it does, is it gives us an opportunity to have a drink, and keep hydrated. About 500 mils of water every two hours whilst you’re driving is enough to keep you well hydrated and to stop the drowsiness happening whilst you are behind the wheel.

The other thing that we now have the opportunity to have small bite to eat – just a snack – And having regular snacks throughout the day means that you’re not trying to process that big, huge hamburger that you had for lunch. As good as the steak sandwiches are around here, they’ll definitely make you drowsy behind the wheel.

While you’re stopped, it’s also a great time to inspect your vehicle and your trailer if you’re towing, for damage, debris and loose loads, especially on those rougher sections of unsealed roads in the outback.

So to re-cap, make sure to swap drivers or take a break every 2 hours, stay hydrated, eat regular small snacks, and remember to check the website for the latest safety information and road conditions while you have mobile phone coverage.

Stay safe. See you on the road.


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