Outback Safer Driving Series Episode 8

Season 1 Episode 8 – Road Kill

Season 1 Episode 8 – Road Kill

Welcome to  episode 8 of the Outback Safer Driving series.

We left Broken Hill this morning on our way out to Milparinka to start our corner country trip. We’ve come across a dead kangaroo in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, roadkill is a fact of life out here.

If you come across some roadkill. Please slow down. It will allow you to move over to the other side of the road and avoid the roadkill if safe to do so.

The other important thing to consider, is that by slowing down, it allows any birds of prey that may be feeding on the carcass time to get up into the air.  Because they’ll have a full belly, and it’s going to be really difficult for them to take off quickly.

So slow down.

Remember to check the website for the latest safety information and road conditions while you have mobile coverage.

Stay safe. See you on the road.


The advice in these videos is for general information and entertainment purposes only. Road users are responsible for knowing and following the road rules. Consult a professional before travelling.

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